New candles!

For a while now, I've been developing a candle range and wow I never imagined that this new venture would take so much work! If someone's reading this and is keen to start making candles, you'll spend ages researching and you'll find yourself constantly adding images to your Pinrerest, trust me ...

Since I shared the first images of the candles, the support has been overwhelming. I received many messages of praise and admiration and even more suggestions of names for the female candles. It was me that thought of MONA and ENLLI but the other names suggested on social media will definitely be saved for future designs, 100%.

I was keen to develop a range of candles that would compliment any room or piece of furniture, without being too obvious or possibly distracting, in a way.

I decided to go for a Greek aeshetic as this includes majestic sculptures, light, natural tones and mythological aspects. All of the candles I have created are beautiful in their own way; they will effortlessly decorate any shelf, cabinet or my personal favourite - the bath!

I will be creating more candle moulds exclusively for INDI in the coming months, but I won't reveal any more for now. One thing I can say is that the mythological theme will expand and even better, specifically Welsh mythology ...

The first candles released are the female figures, ENLLI and MONA which is of a bigger size. Venus and David will soon follow ...

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