It's about time we change our way of life. Period. We need to enforce recycling everywhere (not just in the home), re-use where possible whilst also encouraging children too. Too often we shun eco-friendly products because of their plain boring appearance, their cost and the difficulties that arise from trying to implement them into our daily lives. INDI was founded on the principle of creating fun eco-friendly products that bring joy whilst having little to no impact on the environment. Our 100% ethically sourced cotton t-shirts are super soft and last 3 times longer than a typical t shirt on the high street. Most importantly, they have been crafted without damaging any ecosystems. When you INDI products reach your hands (finally!), disposing of the packaging will not be an extra chore for you. We need to be aware that the food packaging we buy when out and about to the post we receive is ultimately waste, rubbish that we as consumers are now responsible for. Every element of our packaging is 100% recyclable. It's important to us at INDI that we're not essentially moving waste from one place to another and that you can dispose of the waste without causing unnecessary damage i.e putting plastic poly-mailers or other non-recyclables in the bin. We'll be launching sweatshirts soon and expanding our t-shirt range so please look out for future launches! You don't want to miss out ...

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